Indigenous Artists

Welcome to our Indigenous Artists page! This collection features incredibly talented artists from the Torres Strait region who have graciously shared their unique connection to the ocean and their culture through their stunning artwork. We feel incredibly fortunate to be able to share their stories and their art with our audience.

Through their creative expression, these artists offer a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the Torres Strait and the deep connection that Indigenous peoples have with the natural world. Each art piece on display is not only a beautiful and intricate work of art, but also carries with it a story that reflects the artist’s lived experiences and cultural traditions.

We hope that you will enjoy and take the time to appreciate the immense talent and cultural richness that is on display here. By supporting these Indigenous artists, we can all play a part in preserving their important cultural heritage and ensuring that their art continues to be shared and celebrated for generations to come.

Naseli Tamwoy – “Life of an Islander”

Beau Pennyfather Motlop –  BPM 


Jimi K Thaiday


Miseron Levi – “Sea My Culture”

HOME ANCHOR –  Coming Soon 

David Bosun РDaviSea 

BAYDHAMAW THITUI (Shark constellation) Coming Soon